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RE: Propagation of changes

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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 14:00:52 -0500
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To merge a baseline into a workspace, you use the
MERGE request, i.e.

<D:merge> <D:source> 
  </D:source> </D:merge>


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Subject: Propagation of changes


suppose I have two workspaces A and B. Both of them are under
baseline-control. Furthermore I work with working resources and activities
and version-controlled collections (to track namespace operations).
Further Suppose workspace A contains my current development and workspace B
is a consolidation place. Workspace B was created with reference to a
baseline of A. 
The development was going on. Changes were made. Files were added and

Now I want to do an update of the consolidation refering to a newer baseline
of A.

How could this be done?

First I would use the compare-baseline report to get a diff of the baseline
A used for creation of B and the newer baseline of A. (Could I compare a
baseline of workspace B with a baseline of A [well, of course comparing
baselines of the version-controlled configurations of B and A]).
But how do I get the changes "merged" into workspace B?
Is this in scope of DeltaV?

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