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FW: Activities

From: Kirmse, Daniel <daniel.kirmse@sap.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 11:43:37 +0100
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To: "Ietf-Dav-Versioning (E-mail)" <ietf-dav-versioning@w3.org>
Would it be acceptable to have server with the following behavior:

A client performs a checkout to a VCR located within a certain workspace WS
to some activity not containing any versions yet. Regarding to this the
DAV:current-workspace-set property must be empty. 
After the checkout the DAV:current-workspace-set property contains a href of
Now the server is implemented that way that DAV:current-workspace-set does
contain one workspace at most.
Given that a checkout to a VCR located within a different workspace WS' to
the very same activity must fail.
With that an activity is only able to contain versions of resources of one
workspace only.


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>You are right that there is no way to restrict an activity 
>resource only 
>to select versions of a single workspace.  Given that all checked-out 
>resources (i.e. working-resources as well as checked-out 
>version-controlled resources) have an unprotected 
>DAV:activity-set, this 
>would be potentially very expensive to enforce -- it would 
>have to be done 
>on the proppatch.  DeltaV does not preclude servers from 
>enforcing such a 
>rule if you choose to do so. but it is not required by the protocol 
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>a question dealing with activities:
>Suppose two  workspaces A and B. Both of them are under 
>baseline control 
>its own. Now suppose an activity C. Is there a server side mechanism 
>in DeltaV that could prevent a client from checking out 
>resources of WS A
>and B and including them by the way into activity C. Instead a client 
>be forced to checkout a resource of WS B into a different activity if
>activity C allready contains a checked out resource of workspace A.
>From reading the DeltaV I got no idea how to do this, propably 
>it's not 
>there ...
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