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draft-ietf-deltav-versioning-16 now available

From: Clemm, Geoff <gclemm@rational.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 18:16:32 -0400
Message-ID: <3906C56A7BD1F54593344C05BD1374B1018E2513@SUS-MA1IT01>
To: DeltaV <ietf-dav-versioning@w3.org>
I decided to go ahead and roll up the current set of
editorial changes into a new internet draft for the
upcoming IETF meeting.  The main change is the addition
of Tim Ellison's resource classification appendix.
Draft 16 should appear soon on the ietf site, but it is
currently available in the usual locations on the deltav site:

I did include the proposed DAV:auto-update property in
this new draft.  A list of all changes since draft 15,
as well as the open issues can be found at:

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