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Re: Core versioning issues and nits

From: Geoffrey M. Clemm <geoffrey.clemm@rational.com>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 16:55:43 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <200102042155.QAA19667@tantalum.atria.com>
To: ietf-dav-versioning@w3.org

   From: "Lisa Dusseault" <lisa@xythos.com>

   > > 16) New definition of Overwrite
   > >
   > > Please clarify the new definition of Overwrite.
   > >
   > > If you COPY directory 'mydir' with 'mydir/foo' and
   > > 'mydir/bar' to a directory elsewhere with 'mydir/baz',
   > > do you end up with a directory at the destination with
   > > TWO children, or THREE children?  In other words, do
   > > resources at the destination which do not overlap
   > > resources from the source get deleted?
   > >
   > > I prefer 'no', btw.
   > No, they do not get deleted.

   Can this get clarified in the spec?  This must be normative; it's not
   enough to explain in the FAQ that the non-overlapping resources do not
   get deleted.  It must be a requirement, or servers may behave

Here I have to disagree with Tim.  The specification says that a
resource at the Destination has to have the same dead properties and
content as the corresponding resource in the source of the COPY.  This
means that if the corresponding resource is null, the Destination
resource MUST be null as well (i.e. deleted).  Note: this MUST be
the case in order to be compatible with 2518, which defines the
semantics in terms of first deleting *all* the resources at the
destination, and then recreating the ones that have corresponding
resources in the source of the COPY.

I'll clarify this in the spec.

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