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From: MR KOJO TATU <tatu_2000@eparta.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 12:42:43 +0100
To: ietf-charsets@w3.org
Message-Id: <20030128180010.2610E14830@w3c2.w3.org>

 My proposal to you will be very surprising, as we have not had any personal contact. However, I sincerely seek your confidence in this transaction, which I propose to you as a person of transparency and honesty.
My name is KOJO TATU. I am a solicitor/notary public, and the legal adviser to the late leader and family of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) the now deceased Mr Jonas Malheiro Savimbi who was recently killed by the government of Angola. I got your email address from a network directory. I apologize if I have infringed on your privacy.  I am presently under protective custody in AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND as a political Guest(REFUGEE). I am also the in-law to the late president opposition leader. However, after Jona M. Savimbi was killed, the government of Angola now started a campaign of calumny persecuting all know family members of the late faction leader and have claimed all the family's wealth and place his wife and son under house arrest. I am making this contact on behalf of his eldest son and wife, not minding the consequences, but hoping that you would understand our predicament and come on board to avail u
 s your assistance and co-operation in a business which l will now unfold to you.
 My aim is to crave your indulgence to assist us in securing the delivery and pick up of some funds, in the amount of US$10,000,000.00(Ten million us dollars only) into your possession and then lodge into your bank account or elsewhere abroad for safekeeping, this monies represent a portion of the family wealth made from the sales of diamond from mines controlled by the late leader in territories under him during the war which span over 25years -(check the internet for the Angolan story, www.angola.org). 
Fortunately, we were able to deposit the money (cash packed in trunk boxes) in a security vault in AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND few months ago and can move it into any part of the world once we get your assurance of your co-operation with us, however, this security company does not have any knowledge of content of the deposit, because it was done in the guise that the trunk contains precious stones and family jewellery. In the interim, owing to the great risk we run presently due to the government of Angola determination to freeze and recover all monies supposedly misappropriated by the late opposition leader, we wish to relocate this fund in a foreigner's name to avoid any trace. Now that no one knows about this money it is our opportunity to remove the money and we are willing to offer you 20% percent of the total amount of the money involved after the transaction for your assistance and co-operation. 
All I need from you is the assurance that you can handle the amount involved comfortably and that I can trust you with this arrangement. Be rest assured that there is no risk involved since I have taken care of everything. I want you to immediately inform me of your willingness in assisting and co-operating with us on my e-mail address:  tatu_2000@ecplaza.net so that I can send you full detail of this transaction and let us make arrangement and discuss at length on the modalities for this delivery and subsequent transfer of this funds. 
Also furnish me with your current e-mail address, telephone/fax numbers (private) for a personal contact with you. 
Waiting for your anticipated co-operation and hoping to develop good business relationship with you. 
Yours truly, 

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