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Re: Registration of new charset

From: Harald Alvestrand <Harald@Alvestrand.no>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 16:18:00 +0200
To: Nicky YW YICK <ywyick@itsd.gcn.gov.hk>, ietf-charsets@iana.org
Cc: Rex MK Tong <rtong@itsd.gcn.gov.hk>
Message-id: <>
At 19:38 29/08/2000 +0800, Nicky YW YICK wrote:

>Dear Sir,
>I would like to submit the attached application of Charset registration 
>for your
>Thank you for your attention.

1) Could you please resubmit your application in ASCII?
    The IANA does not operate on .doc files, and it is less error prone if you
    perform the conversion yourself.

2) The Big5 registration as it exists now is as follows:

Name: Big5  (preferred MIME name)
MIBenum: 2026
Source: Chinese for Taiwan Multi-byte set.
         PCL Symbol Set Id: 18T
Alias: csBig5

    This is a bit less information than I feel comfortable with.
    Especially, it is not enough to evaluate whether or not your proposal is
    suitable for use with MIME text/* body parts.
    Perhaps you could help us by updating this registration with the
    proper details?


>Nicky Yick
>Acting Systems Manager
>Information Technology Services Department
>Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
>(See attached file: Submisson to IANA.doc)

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, alvestrand@cisco.com
+47 41 44 29 94
Personal email: Harald@Alvestrand.no
Received on Tuesday, 29 August 2000 10:51:20 UTC

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