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Re: tidy indent+wrap breaks <pre> formatting

From: Geoff McLane <ubuntu@geoffair.info>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 15:54:01 +0100
To: html-tidy@w3.org
Message-ID: <bb3f56c6-abe8-0206-6664-7d8d69ad7855@geoffair.info>
Hi Lee,

 > I don't know git.  Is there some way I can get the code for the 
issue-697 branch?

Well knowing `git` is a BIG, LONG, SLOW process. I have been using it 
for years, and would still say I do not `know` git...

But downloading a repository, called a `clone` is easy, and it is shown 
on the github site...

$ cd projects   # into some root directory
$ git clone https://github.com/htacg/tidy-html5.git # this will download 
to a new directory `tidy-html5`
$ cd tidy-html5 # get into the repo dir
$ git checkout issue-697
$ cd build/cmake
$ make
$ sudo make install # if desired

But before the last install step, if you want to do that, but testing 
can be done in the build folder, you may want to rebuild without debug 
symbols so use `-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release`... and the install prefix 
can be to a local directory...

Without git you can download a ZIP source... on the left change `Branch: 
next` to the desired branch. say `issue-697`, and on the right it offers 
`Clone or download` and that dialog offers `Download ZIP`, but really 
the above `git clone` process is so easy...

And the cloning allows you to stay up to date with the changes, much 
harder with zips -

$ cd tidy-html5
$ git status # to see if git thinks you have made changes
$ git stash # only required if you have made local file changes
$ git pull # this will bring the repo up-to-date
$ git stash pop # put back your changes, if any

Concerning your question of a newline after the `<pre>`, this is a 
question with two parts. First what is the W3C recommendation, if you 
can find it in the maze of documentation, and read and understand the 
verbiage there, and then there is what is implemented by browsers, and 
this can vary...

However, in general, a newline in a `<pre>` is honored by most browsers, 
except sometimes the first, and in some case any last, but as discussed 
in #158, it seems in all cases it would be **best** for tidy to avoid 
adding it...

As to whether the `<pre>` itself is indented or not, this is more a 
question of `taste` than `correctness`... Since all known browsers 
ignore such leading space chars before a html element, when the user 
requests indenting of `tidy` I personally would prefer it be there, but 
it is not `wrong` to put it at the left...

Anyway, as indicated, I do want to work on both... and presently 
consider the `issue-697` branch **incomplete**

I really hope you will consider joining github, since it is **much** 
better if we have this discussion in the issues, rather than here in 
lists, or direct. But if not in `issues` then would prefer the `list` 
rather than `direct`... keep it open for all to see and potentially 
benefit or participate... thanks...

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