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Re[2]: converting Word2000 and Word97 documents

From: by way of Terry Teague <tnv@rnivc.kis.ru>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 23:50:24 -0700
Message-Id: <l03130300b95d67123ee7@[]>
To: html-tidy@w3.org

Hello Terry,

TT> At 10:49 AM -0400 7/16/02, Nadezhda wrote:
>>May I know on Word documents of what size and styles
>>HTML Tidy was tested?

TT> I'm not personally a Word-2000 user, but we do include various Word
TT> documents in our regression tests for Tidy. The files probably range in
TT> size from 20 K to 100 K. I couldn't tell you how complex the documents are,
TT> but they are usually from real-world cases.
Not more than 100 K?

TT> The Word-2000 support in Tidy is improving all the time.

TT> Do you have a specific task in mind or concern? i.e. have you tried current
TT> versions of Tidy, and if you are unhappy with the results, please report
TT> any bugs and provide the Word-2000 files etc.
I have a real task to convert .doc to .html.
I want to know something beforehand, because although I have one more way
to convert .doc to .html, but results till now are not as desired.

TT> I'm sure users that Tidy Word-2000 documents regularly, will speak up.
I hope so. And ask users who use Tidy for cleaning Word2000 documents to

Best regards,
 Nadezhda                            mailto:tnv@rnivc.kis.ru
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