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RE: Tidy adding returns inside xml elements

From: Jelks Cabaniss <jelks@jelks.nu>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 12:53:22 -0400
To: <html-tidy@w3.org>
Message-ID: <001601c228fb$77a9e340$6601a8c0@blackie>

Charles Reitzel wrote:

> > Try adding "new-empty-tags: empty" to your config file.  I
> > don't know if that actually works yet, but that's what "new-
> > empty-tags" is supposed to do.

> That isn't necessary with generic XML.  Tidy only does well-
> formed-ness checking on generic XML as it has no knowledge
> of the content model.

Ah, thanks for the clarification.
> Tidy could print all empty tags the way Howard wants, tho.
> Do folks want that behavior for all generic XML?  

Not at the expense of Tidylib!  

At some point, having that in Tidy might be nice, though note a number
of other tools -- including all "standard" XML parsers -- already do
exactly that.

> Opinions, please.  I really don't have one on this subject. 

Mine: nice at some point, not high priority.

> Also, there is an outstanding bug to turn off indenting for
> generic XML (you can't).

Even with 'indent-spaces: 0'?  I do think Tidy should honor that (and
'indent: no').

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