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Tidy bug report

From: Rod Lockwood <rlckwd@home.msen.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 22:50:08 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <000401c1d15c$21029ba0$33af3b94@hypasia>
To: <html-tidy@w3.org>
Dave Raggett/W3C, subject: Bug report, html-tidy@w3.org

I have tried the Tidy tool from TSW WebCoder International 2. Here are my observations:

Alright! Tidy will now work on large files.
Hooray! I can now personalize the settings for tidy.
Even better! It strips out the useless MS Word/Office code!!!

What? It refuses to indent. It ignores some settings. What good does it do to set it to indent and set the indentation size, if it's just going to ignore it anyway? It is easier finding blocks if they are indented properly. Like tags should be lined up in the same column, etc. It makes it easier to find mismatched/missing tags. Of course some pairs that are for including single line strings (<title> </title> for example) normally would need to go on just one line.

What's up with putting in two different font sizes??? 

Tidy reported the following error: line 29 column 629 - Warning: missing </span> before <hr>
 There are two things wrong with this error message.
 1. There is no column 629 in line 29.
 2. There is no <hr> in the whole file.

Arrgh! Tidy keeps taking out my font names. This is aggravating. I could understand if it were putting in an alternative (it would still be unnecessary since the browser does it automatically), but it's just removing it.

Overall, Tidy is still pretty much useless except for stripping out MSO code.
Rod Lockwood
Pontiac, Michigan, United States, Terra
Main email: rlckwd@home.msen.com
Home page: http://home.msen.com/~rlckwd/
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