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RE: Always outputting lowercase attributes for xhtml output

From: Jelks Cabaniss <jelks@jelks.nu>
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 19:22:05 -0500
To: <html-tidy@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000001c1a6c8$a7da5be0$6501a8c0@blackie>
Michael Lambert wrote:

> I'm using tidy-win32 and have a bug or problem with my 
> settings (most likely).  Tidy is always outputting lowercase 
> (not preserving original
> case) when the option output-xhtml=y is set.  
> The following tag (snip): <SPAN buttonType="appNav" 
> CLASS="appNavOff"> results in: <span buttontype="appNav"  
> class="appNavOff">

That's not a bug.  In XHTML, *all* tags (element names) and attribute
names have to be lowercase.  See


Judging from your snippet above, though, it doesn't appear as though you
really want XHTML -- you have an attribute named "buttonType" which
doesn't appear in any of the XHTML DTDs.  Perhaps what you want is an
HTML-ish type markup of your own, but expressed in XML syntax.  In that
case, I would use "output-xml", not "output-xhtml".

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