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Always outputting lowercase attributes for xhtml output

From: Michael Lambert <michaellambert@bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 12:54:35 -0500 (EST)
To: <html-tidy@w3.org>
Message-ID: <3BCA33CF694302428E7C021962321C6B01F255@NEBRASKA.MSLAMBERT.COM>
I'm using tidy-win32 and have a bug or problem with my settings (most
likely).  Tidy is always outputting lowercase (not preserving original
case) when the option output-xhtml=y is set.  

The following tag (snip): <SPAN buttonType="appNav" CLASS="appNavOff">
results in: <span buttontype="appNav"  class="appNavOff">

Neither the W3C email archive (which was not working when I checked) nor
Google seem to have any matching cases.  I'm NOT on the mailing list but
if someone could take a look into it and give me a reply I would be


Version: HTML Tidy for Windows (release date: 1st September 2001; built
on Sep 15 2001, at 19:16:06) 

// Sample Input

<head>HTML Tidy</head>
<tr valign="top">
	<td width="25%">

	<!-- Begin ToolBar V1.0-->
	<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial,Verdana,Helvetica" STYLE="color:

	<A href="objectives.htm">
	<SPAN buttonType="appNav"
	<BR><IMG SRC="images/line_b.gif" WIDTH="164" HEIGHT="1" BORDER=0

// Tidy Config File

indent-spaces: 2
wrap: 0
wrap-attributes: n
wrap-script-literals: n
wrap-sections: y
wrap-asp: y
wrap-jste: y
wrap-php: y
literal-attributes: n
tab-size: 4
markup: y
quiet: n
tidy-mark: n
indent: n
indent-attributes: n
hide-endtags: n
uppercase-tags: n
uppercase-attributes: n
input-xml: n
output-xml: n
output-xhtml: y
add-xml-pi: n
add-xml-decl: n
assume-xml-procins: n
raw: n
bare: n
clean: n
logical-emphasis: n
word-2000: n
drop-empty-paras: y
drop-font-tags: y
drop-proprietary-attribute: n
enclose-text: n
enclose-block-text: n
add-xml-space: n
fix-bad-comments: y
split: n
break-before-br: n
numeric-entities: y
quote-marks: n
quote-nbsp: y
quote-ampersand: y
write-back: y
keep-time: y
show-warnings: y
show-body-only: n
char-encoding: ascii
input-encoding: latin1
output-encoding: utf8
ncr: y
doctype: auto
fix-backslash: y
gnu-emacs: n
fix-uri: y
lower-literals: y
hide-comments: y
indent-cdata: n
force-output: n
show-errors: 6
ascii-chars: y
join-classes: n
join-styles: y
escape-cdata: n
repeated-attributes: keep-last
output-bom: auto
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