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RE: Web archive processing

From: Rick Cameron <Rick.Cameron@crystaldecisions.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 14:32:15 -0800
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To: "Leonard, Kathy" <kleona@coair.com>, html-tidy@w3.org, rick.parsons@eds.com
Take a look at http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy/

In the 5th paragraph you'll see:

The W3C public email list devoted to HTML Tidy is: <html-tidy@w3.org>. To
subscribe send an email to html-tidy-request@w3.org with the word subscribe
in the subject line (include the word unsubscribe if you want to

- rick

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From: Leonard, Kathy [mailto:kleona@coair.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, 15 January 2002 13:37
To: 'Richard A. O'Keefe'; html-tidy@w3.org; rick.parsons@eds.com
Subject: RE: Web archive processing

Please get me out of this loop.  If I signed up for something - unsign me.

Kathy Leonard
Sr. Technical Writer
Methods & Standards

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From: 	Richard A. O'Keefe [mailto:ok@atlas.otago.ac.nz] 
Sent:	Tuesday, January 15, 2002 2:50 PM
To:	html-tidy@w3.org; rick.parsons@eds.com
Subject:	RE: Web archive processing

I wrote:
	> Also, what should I do to make Tidy complain if a page
	> + does contain relative URIs,
	> - does NOT have a <base> element in the <head>?
Rick Parsons wrote:
	I don't see why it should.  It is perfectly valid HTML.  If you
	are looking for a link checker, that would be another product.
HTML Tidy does not confine itself to tidying up HTML.
It *also* probides accessibility tips.
Yes, I know that a page which contains relative URIs and does not have a
<base> element is perfectly valid. It is also a collection of links that
haven't broken YET (so a link checker probably wouldn't notice any problem),
but are just waiting for a chance to happen, and that's a usability problem.
It's the kind of thing Tidy *could* detect quite easily, and it's very much
in the spirit of things that Tidy *does* detect and warn about.

Note that I did not ask for Tidy to report this as a fatal error, or to
change the resulting HTML in any way, simply that I'd like it to "complain",
meaning to write a warning message (if the user requested it).
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