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RE: Tidy crashes

From: Adrian Lester <Adrian.Lester@openwave.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 13:30:58 +0100
To: <html-tidy@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000b01c13606$9dd3ed60$00c2fea9@bfs.phone.com>

Yeah, I can reproduce this bug on in tidy 4 Aug 00.  I was tearing my hair
out with it last week!  But I thought Tidy was ok about attribute values not
being "delimited" the culprit in the example code I suspect is hello not
having any value.  Report Warnings is passed several parameters, one of
which is the value of an attribute.  In the case of attribute hello this is
NULL.  Hence you get this output from tidy...

line 4 column 4 - Warning: <font> unknown attribute value "Segmentation
Fault (core dumped)

Interestingly enough, you can get this same bug for a bad attribute name,
where the problem is the name of the attribute but it tries to report the
problem as being due to the attribute.  Something like this causes a lovely

<table color="red width="100%">

but the real problem is the unbalanced " around the attribute value red.


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> At 5:08 PM -0700 9/4/01, Patrick Lok wrote:
> > Tidy crashes when parsing the following files. Basicaly, it's the
> >attribute values which is not quoted by " blow off tidy when
> tidy tries to
> >print out the warning.
> >
> > <html>
> >    <title> Hello World</title>
> >    <body>
> >    <font face=arial, hello, world>Hi</font>
> >    </body>
> > </html>
> I was not able to reproduce this crash in my slightly modified version of
> the 04 Aug 00 code (meaning I might had already fixed this bug), nor with
> the current (03 Sep 01) version of the code. Anyone else able to reproduce
> it? However, in any case I suspect we have already fixed this bug in the
> current code (we fixed a lot of crash bugs like this).
> Regards, Terry
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