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Re: Bug report?

From: Barney Wol <Barney.Wol@noctua.demon.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 16:52:02 +0000
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Cc: "Thomas Ellis" <tomellis@clara.co.uk>
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Hello Thomas,

	I haven't seen any replies to your message - I hope someone 
else has replied privately.

	I use the Macintosh version of Tidy, but can't reproduce 
either problem (using MacTidy 1.0b12 based on the 4th August Tidy 
release).  I had wondered whether Tidy might object to the META 
statement if the doctype was either omitted, or not recent, but with 
several variations, I still can't provoke the errors you see - sorry!

	I have a vague memory that your "problem 2" was in a very old 
version of Tidy - maybe you could contact Evrsoft and seek their help 
in installing the latest version of Tidy?

		Good Luck,


I use 1st Page 2000 from Evrsoft (http://www.evrsoft.com/) to compose my
HTML pages. This includes the Tidy HTML tool. I have two problems when I use
Tidy HTML in 1st Page 2000.

I find that Tidy HTML reports the following line as an error:

	<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; 

giving the the following error message in Tidy HTML Analysis Results:

	Warning: <meta> unrecognised attribute value "http-equiv"

and 'corrects' it to the following:

	<meta content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

Any occurence of "&amp;" is changed to "&mp;".

Consequently, a further Tidy HTML parse reveals the following error:

	Warning: unescaped & or unknown entitiy "&mp;"

Worse still, it alters the code to "&mp;mp;". Further parses will continue
to append "mp;" to the erroneous code so after a couple more parses, the
code is changed to "&mp;mp;mp;mp;", whilst continuing to show the error
message above.

I hope that this is of use, and apologise if these problems have been
reported by others before.

Thomas Ellis,
United Kingdom.

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