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Re: HTML Tidy and GNU Autoconf

From: Sebastian Lange <lange@cyperfection.de>
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 09:24:37 +0200
Message-Id: <>
To: html-tidy@w3.org
Hello David [humm... lots of Davids or Daves on this list... ;-)],

The original page of HTML Tidy [http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy/] is 
included in the downloadble source archive, and with it the two GIF files 
(the icon in the header and the grid in the background). As far as I know, 
this is the only use for them.

I agree regarding the naming, but have one objection: "tidy somefile.html" 
is simply more intuitive than "htmltidy somefily.html"... thus, if you 
decide to rename it, you should at least provide an alias (symbolic link on 
Unix, batch file on DOS), what do you think?

Other than that - I had no problems at all compiling Tidy on my Linux 
machines (nothing but calling "make"), and since only one file ("tidy") is 
actually needed, "installation" is as easy as copying this one file to 
where you want it to be...


At 11:59 06.07.2000 -0700, Masterson, David wrote:
>HTML Tidy looks like an interesting program, but I think converting it to
>Autoconf/Automake standards would make it more easily maintainable by the
>legions of GNU developers.  This would probably make it easier to build on
>all the many varied UNIX systems out there (and possibly Windows).  Finally,
>it gives a lot of control to the installer in deciding where and how to
>install it.
>I've already taken a quick whack at that conversion and could send it to
>whoever would like to see it (its not that hard).  There are a couple of
>questions I have, though, that would help in the conversion (note: I have
>not yet gotten to trying to use tidy):
>*       What are the GIF files for (tidy.gif and grid.gif)?
>*       In order to make the name more specific, would you mean if it was
>called "htmltidy" instead of "tidy"?
>*       Have you thought of doing documentation in plain text and then
>converting to HTML?
>Anyone interested in this?  I did it because it's in keeping with the
>installation of other tools we use here.
>David Masterson
>*       KLA-Tencor Corp.
>*       David.Masterson@kla-tencor.com

Sebastian Lange
Maybe the first chat site that validates as HTML
4.0 even though user input may contain HTML codes.

Courtesy to Dave Raggett's HTML Tidy:
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