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Re: Tidy Error Report - Spaces around </code>

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Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 11:30:52 -0500
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Jeff Hennick <jhennick@delphi.com> wrote:

>Dave Raggett,

Well, I'm not Dave, but I'll put my 2c in.

>Tidy changes the spacing around the </code>-tag.  This is important to me
>as the space width in normal, proportional spaced font is different,
>smaller, than that used in the monospaced font used for <code>.

Hmm, I believe it isn't supposed to be.  I believe HTML has specific rules
about where whitespace is significant relative to tags' opening and closing
which browsers seem to gotten wrong and/or completely reversed.

>Here is the original test file:

>>The<code> if </code> statement.

I'd write this as:

The <code>if</code> statement.

After all, I don't consider the spaces to be part of the if statement, thus
not part of the code sample.

Further, I'd like it if Tidy could let slip both leading and trailing
whitespace out of tags in samples like this.  Increased spacing around it
can be achieved using style to increase slightly the margin on code tags.
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