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Re: Request for Tidy to ignore 'user defined' tags

From: Eric Blossom <eric@neomorphic.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 09:43:47 -0700
Message-ID: <377A4943.4BDEA493@neomorphic.com>
To: html-tidy@w3.org
Rick Jelliffe has been asking for such a feature in greater generality.
Until it is put in, may I suggest a work around?

Using Perl, AWK, or even (God forbid) sed, make two filters.
The first to convert your (Tango's) processing instructions into <span>
e.g. <@include file> becomes <span class="tango">include file</span>
The second script should invert this process.  Wrapping tidy in these
scripts should get you where you want to go today.

Bill Sowers wrote:

> Dave,
> I discovered HTML-Kit at build 242 and would really like to use the Tidy
> tool more extensively but I need the ability to somehow tell Tidy to
> ignore certain character strings.
> In my world, I use an IDE called Tango (www.pervasive.com) to develop
> applications that connect databases to users via html pages and forms.
> Tango is a drag-and-drop development tool that generates the html code.
> For example, Tango has a tag <@include> that allows me to insert text
> files into the
> Tango file so at run time the Tango server sees the included file as
> part of the Tango file.
> I like to use Tidy to clean up and verfiy the html generated by Tango.
> Unfortunately, when I run the Tango generated code through build 242 I
> get a warning and nothing appears in the output section.  I have to
> remove the <@include> tags to get output.
> In build 248 no warning is generated (good) but it converts the '<' and
> '>' marks to '&lt;' and '&gt;' respectively.  This is not what I need.
> Similarly, we use a product called NetCloak (www.maxum.com).  This
> product acts in a manner similar to server-side includes.  You put into
> your html code the NetCloak command and, at the time of serving up,
> NetCloak makes the appropriate subsitution.  For example, <insert_time>
> will insert a time (depending upon the parameters you choose).  The
> point is, in my environment, these character strings do something
> useful, but they are not 'valid' html.
> To me these are useful and valid codes.  I want the ability to add
> certain character strings to Tidy and have it ignore that character
> string when it finds it in a file it is examining.  It should do nothing
> to it.  No changes.  Just leave it alone.
> Perhaps I have missed a setting, if so, please tell me.  Otherwise,
> please consider adding this capability to a near-time build (of course I
> want it yesterday :^) ).
> Thanks,
> Bill Sowers
> sowersb@baxter.com

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