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Re: Uninitialized attribute values?

From: Rick Jelliffe <ricko@gate.sinica.edu.tw>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:55:08 +0800
Message-ID: <001901beb2ec$a6c4e4a0$dd066d8c@sinica.edu.tw>
To: <html-tidy@w3.org>

From: Andy Quick

> Anyway, I've noticed that the official Tidy seems to generate bogus
attribute values in some cases.  It seems to be in cases where the attribute
value is missing in invalid elements.  Java Tidy outputs "" for the missing
attribute values.  My guess is that Tidy is printing uninitialized data for
these values.  Since I have enough other bugs in Java Tidy to solve, I
thought I would pass this one along to you.

Sorry to the extent that this is off topic. As people move to incorporate
XML, we will have to be careful that an attribute specified with an empty
string is not the same as when an attribute is not specified.

In the DTD also
    y CDATA "">
is not the same as

Rick Jelliffe
Received on Wednesday, 9 June 1999 23:06:56 UTC

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