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  Since 1996, term life insurance rates have been reduced by as much as 70%

40 year old male - $250,000 - 10 year level term
As low as $10.45 per month!

At TermQuotes Life Insurance Companies of America, we will survey the top life insurance companies for you and provide you with the best rates available. The quote is free. There is no obligation to buy. Compare the rates and see for yourself. Fill out this quick form below for further information.

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Sample Annual Premiums
* 10 Year Level Premium Term Rates *


*Above rates guaranteed to remain level for 10 years
Rates based on male preferred class 1 non-smoker
Policies are guaranteed renewable to age 95

Policies with 15, 20, 25, and 30 year level premiums also available

Attention All Smokers,
you may qualify for special reduced smoker rates!

Universal Life, Second-to-Die and Estate Planning products also provided.

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