Actually it does bring up one good "generic" question.

You don't really need any special web host, the real problem is with MIME configuration for XML and you need to make sure any of those free web banners or any other information isn't programmed to be included (like Geocities DHTML banners or anything).

But my question is in regards to MIME configuration, what are the general ones in regard to VoiceXML?  I am assuming that even with GrammarXML that they are *all* text/xml type?

On a side note I know that u would need ur audio files, if any, properly configured, and if you are using Nuance, their grammar types.  But from what I've seen many of the interpreters will treat them openly as plain text, but I don't think Ive seen a list of MIME types with VoiceXML yet, is there?

- Jon

Nidhi Sharma wrote:

Hi all, I have a quick basic question. I want to know a *FREE* web host that supports XML where I can upload XML files. Actually my need is just to make these XML files globally accessible to the XML vaildators.

Again, I don't even know if this is a valid question to talk about on this list.

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