Hmm, sounds fair, but what about the others?

I don't get all the wrongs there, but the FORMs I know what to do, just that it's not going to be an ACTION on the login form, because it's just a simple JavaScript I found.

From:  Lachlan Hunt <>
Reply-To:  www-validator <>
To:  anders moen <>
Subject:  Re: Your validator says I got errors that I don't have...
Date:  Thu, 09 Nov 2006 01:03:11 +1100
>anders moen wrote:
>>This is some of the stuff in my code, but still I get "no
>>attribute" <BODY TOPMARGIN=*"*5" BOTTOMMARGIN=*"*5"> Does that mean
>>"TOPMARGIN" isn't any attribute?
>Despite the confusing wording of the error message, it actually
>means that the topmargin attribute isn't defined.  It's a
>proprietary extension that should not be used.
>You don't need to use attributes like topmargin and bottommargin,
>you can use CSS instead.  e.g.
>body { margin: 5px 0; }
>Lachlan Hunt

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