Great site.  My name is Linda McClelland, I am currently a student at James Watt College, in Kilwinning, and I am currently doing a Multimedia and Web Development course.


The reason is am sending you this E-Mail is that I have been asked as part of my course I have to create a CD-Rom and a Web site about the history of computers, the Internet and telecommunications etc.  While doing my research on this topic I came across your Web Site and I found it very useful and interesting.


Our lecturers and James Watt College are very strict on plagiarism and I totally agree with them on this, as I know how much the creators of these sites have put in work and research.


So the main reason for this E-Mail is to ask for your permission to use some of the content from your site as part of my project.  I must state here again thatís anything I use is purely for the purpose of my project.


If you are not the creator of the web site I would be very grateful if you could give me the contact information of the creator of the site.  Also I would be grateful if you would reply to me as soon as you can as I can start my project until I have permission.


I will understand if you decision is no as I said before I know how much work has to be done to create a site.  But I would appreciate a reply one way or another.


Yours truly





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