Dear Sirs and Madams,
Let me introduce our offer of possible cooperation for your consideration.
Our company - Pilot Group LLC ( - is a Russian team of qualified software and web developers
We would like to talk to you on the possibilities of working with your companies in the Software and Application development space and would like to extend our company's capabilities in providing best possible outsourced solution to your company.
The Advantages that collaboration with Pilot Group brings to the table are:
A) Overall Cost reduction
- Avoid Capital Investment and upgrade in facility and technology.
- Benefit from low labor cost of the offshore developers
B) Quality Enhancement
- Leverage on Experts
- Use world class technology
- Use proven analysis and processes
Our company is specialized in web application and complex software development projects. We provide expertise in both Unix and Windows. The programming languages used by our specialists: Visual Basic.NET, Visual C++.NET, C#, ASP.NET, ASP, VB, COM+ aslo PHP, Cold Fusion and etc.
We are ready to complete your test tasks to prove high quality of our works.
** There are 3 marketing campaigns held by our company this autumn:
1. 15% discount on the repeat order!
The client will get 15% discount on the software development services for all the repeated orders.
(please see more detailed information here:
2. the development of your project will be 50% cheaper than the cost of the other subcontractors. If you are not satisfied with the price of another company-developer, contact us.
3. Pay for the project by installments in the course of a year!
 ( )

The list of the projects completed by our expert team you can find here:
The description of the frequently asked questions and the answers see here:
If you are interested, you can contact our Client support department at and get the  initial consultation at any time. 
Online support available at: 


We are looking forward to your feedback.

Anna Kondakova,
Clients' Support Manager
Pilot Group LLC, IT-Solutions

P: +7 836 223-2263