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Agenda of 29nd January 2009 TAG teleconference

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  1. Convene

  2. ISSUE-57 (HttpRedirections-57): The use of HTTP Redirection

  3. ISSUE-51 (selfDescribingWeb-51):  (short) well known formats and URI based extensibility

  4. ISSUE-20 (errorHandling-20): What should specifications say about error handling?

  5. ISSUE-58 (scalabilityOfURIAccess-58): (short) Scalability of URI Access to Resources

  6. ISSUE-41 (XMLVersioning-41): (short) What are good practices for designing extensible XMLlanguages and for handling versioning?

  7. Pending Review Issues

  8. Overdue Action Items:

  9. Any other business

Stuart Williams for TAG
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