FX Task Force and Related CSS & SVG Specifications and Drafts

June 6th 2011

This document summarizes the list of items listed on the FX Task Force Charter. Its purpose is to help the CSS and SVG Working Group align their charters and clarify priorities and was created as an action item decided in the CSS Working Group Kyoto Face to Face Meeting in June 2011.

Each row contains one of the topics described in the FX task force charter scope of work, with the addition of the compositing row which came up in discussions in the CSS and SVG working groups. Each column contains the related documents produced by the CSS, SVG working group and the CSS Task Force.

Topic CSS SVG FX SVG WG Resolution
2D Transform CSS 2D Transforms Module Level 3, WD 12-2009.Dean Jackson, David Hyatt, Chris Marrin SVG Transforms 1.0, Part 2: Language, WD March 20 2009Jun Fijisawa, Anthony Grasso FX 2D Transforms 1.0, Part 2: Language, ED (undated).Anthony Grasso, Dean Jackson, Simon Fraser Resolution: work on a single consolidated specification for 2D and 3D transforms that apply to CSS and SVG
3D Transforms CSS 3D Transforms Module Level 3, WD 2009Dean Jackson, David Hyatt, Chris Marrin SVG Transforms 1.0, Part 2: Language, WD March 20 2009Jun Fijisawa, Anthony Grasso FX 3D Transforms? See previous line
Animations and Transitions CSS Animations Module Level 3 (WD 2009)Dean Jackson, David Hyatt, Chris MarrinCSS Transitions Module Level 3 WD (WD 2009)Dean Jackson, David Hyatt, Chris Marrin, David Baron SVG Animations (WD 2011) (based on SMIL)Erik Dahlström et al. Web/FX Animations & Web/FX Transitions? Resolution
  • Work on the CSS Animation and CSS Transitions specifications in the FX task-force. Make sure they work for SVG properties and attributes.
  • Have a specification for defining timing, synchronisation and scripting API. It is not yet decided where that specification would live. This specification would be referenced by SVG 2.0 and whatever other CSS-syntax animation specifications exist.
Filter Effects No standard. Microsoft has a filter property in IE5-8. SVG Filters 1.2, Part 1: Primer (WD 2007)Erik Dahlström SVG Filters 1.2, Part 2: Language (WD 2007)Erik Dahlström SVG Filter Requirements (WD 2007)Erik Dahlström Filter Effects 1.0: Language (WD 2011)Dean Jackson, Erik Dahlström Resolution:The SVG WG agrees we should have a single filter spec. applying to CSS and SVG which will include predefined filters and extensible filters.
Compositing No current work in that area. SVG Compositing Specification (WD 2011)Anthony Grasso Web/FX Compositing? Resolution:The SVG WG think it would be preferable to work jointly on the compositing spec. but would carry it forward if the CSS WG is not interested.
Gradients CSS gradients chapter in CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 3 (WD 2011)Elika J. Etemad, Tab Atkins SVG Gradients in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 (Second Edition) (WD 2011)Erik Dahlström et al. Web/FX Gradients? Resolution:The SVG WG thinks the gradient effort should be coordinated to ensure an interoperable model with SVG gradients even if there are syntactic variations. There should be a way to reference SVG paint servers. Two separate coordinated specifications seem ok.
Parameters No real equivalent I could find in CSS SVG Parameters 1.0, Part 1: Primer (WD 2009)Doug Schepers SVG Parameters 1.0, Part 2: Language (WD 2009)Doug Schepers Web/FX Parameters? Resolution:The SVG WG wants to work on parametrized SVG content and we would like to coordinate with the CSS WG on syntax and possible relation to CSS proposed features such as variables and calc().
Content Layout (extending the calc() function and flexbox for SVG) calc() function in CSS Values and Units (WD 2006)Håkon Wium Lie, Chris Lilley Flexible Box Layout Module (WD 2011)Tab Atkins, Alex Mogilevsky, David Baron No equivalent ?? Resolution:The SVG WG proposes that any spec. that specifies how any CSS layout spec. applies to SVG content would be done in an SVG WG specification, coordinated with the CSS WG.
Advanced text layout (along with XSL-FO WG)
  • Wrapping text to a shape
  • Sizing shapes to fit text
  • Vertical text
CSS Exclusions (ED 2011)Vincent Hardy CSS Writing Modes Module Level 3 (WD 2011)Elika J. Etemad, Koji Ishii, Shinyu Murakami Flowing text and graphics in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.2 (WD 2004)Dean Jackson ?? Resolution 1: The SVG WG would like to align future editions of the SVG specification with CSS writing modes for vertical text layout.
Resolution 2: The SVG WG would like to have coordination on the CSS Floats/CSS Exclusion effort so that text wrapping inside or outside arbitrary shapes can be done on SVG elements and exclusions can be defined by SVG elements.
Resolution 3: the SVG WG would like the CSS Float/Exclusions effort to consider the ability to size text to fit in a particular shape or to size a shape to accommodate for a particular text flow.
Shared properties (such as 'image-fit') object-fit in CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 3 (WD 2011)Elika J. Etemad, Tab Atkins ?? Resolution: (with edits). The SVG WG would appreciate if the CSS WG coordinated when adding properties that could be useful for svg too. Any change to an existing shared property will need coordination between the groups, any new shared properties can probably be handled in an SVG spec if it affects svg - or directly in a CSS spec if that's deemed more appropriate when coordinating.