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Was wondering, are there studies or works on "reading out" rdf graphs?
I guess it might be of interest for automatically generated web pages, as well as an important accessibility step.
Would that result be necessairly in very boring and unreadable text?
I looked around and found mention of an RDF2text but the page seems not to be reachable.

An RDF query tool that assigns an English sentence to its results can be regarded as a step towards mapping RDF to text.

Thus, the example

produces output tables with English headings  that can be viewed as shorthand for a list of English sentences. 

For example, an answer to a question can be:

this-name is an author , with email this-email , of this-title
Andreas Eberhart                 (unknown)           An Overview of RDF Query Languages
Jeen Broekstra             An Overview of RDF Query Languages
Peter Haase                      (unknown)           An Overview of RDF Query Languages
Raphael Volz                     (unknown)           An Overview of RDF Query Languages

So far, all of that is implemented -- you can run it using a browser pointed to .

A next step might be to map the above table to something like:

 The authors of "An Overview of RDF Query Languages" are Andreas .... and Jeen Broekstra's email is ...

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