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Nice publication ( )

In section, 4.1 Human-friendly Syntax, you say  "There must be a text-based form of the query language which can be read and written by users of the language",  and you list the status as "pending"

As background for section 4.1, you may be interested in the attached file, RDFQueryLangComparison1.txt .

It shows how to write queries in a form that includes English meanings.

The example queries can be run by pointing a browser to ** .

Perhaps importantly, given the intricacy of RDF for nonprogrammers, one can get an English explanation of the result of each query.

HTH.   Thanks for comments.     -- Adrian

** To run the example, go to, then:
    Click on "Internet Business Logic" .
    Click "GO"
    Select RDFQueryLangComparison1 .
    Select "Choose an Agent and Go to Its Question Menu"
    Click elsewhere on the page
    Click on a question in the menu
    Click the "Ask" button
    Change the action top right to "Get an Explanation"
    Use the Help buttons to navigate further

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I'm happy to announce the first publication of the RDF Data Access
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        RDF Data Access Use Cases and Requirements

The Working Group is soliciting feedback from members of the Semantic
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the design it suggests.

Please direct that feedback to <>.

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