Dear colleagues,

The  OASIS ebXML Registry TC [1] is pleased to announce the formation of a Semantic Content Management SC [2].

The  OASIS ebXML Registry produces the ebXML Registry specifications [3] which specify a distributed service for managing arbitrary content described by standardized metadata. The ebXML Registry standard enables collaborative building of distributed content and metadata stores. Authentication and access control features provide secure access. Content-based event notification features allow human and agent subscribers to be notified of relevant events within the distributed content store.

The Semantic Content Management SC is chartered to extend ebXML Registry to add direct support for publish, discovery and usage of OWL ontologies and other RDF content. The goal is to enable collaborative building of distributed knowledge bases and using these knowledge bases as metadata to describe arbitrary content.

The Semantic Content Management SC welcomes subject experts in ontology and other semantic web technologies to help us in this work.
Please contact me privately if you wish to join the Semantic Content Management SC.

Thank you.

Farrukh Najmi
Chair: Semantic Content Management SC

[1] ebXML Registry TC

[2] Semantic Content Management SC (accessible only to OASIS members)

[3] ebXML Registry specifications