DaZoneUSA proudly presents new release of Webebuilder 5.1

Create professionally looking database-driven website without web-programming knowledge!


WebeBuilder is a complete framework for integrating Web and Database technologies. WebeBuilder includes development tools plus additional packaged software modules with various key functions. All features are designed to make WebeBuilder the most practical system for building Web-database applications. Web photo database, customer database, product database, scrapbook, electronic document management and many other systems can be built so easily using WebeBuilder. In addition to the above incredible capabilities, WebeBuilder has the special functions for building the office automation environments, which are Groupware, EDMS(Electronic document Management System) and EIP(Enterprise Information portal) supporting functions such as my portal, single logon, personalization, unified access, automatic notification and etc. Most of any kind of Web sites running on database can be built so quickly without an effort using WebeBuilder. WebeBuilder has been designed to be easy to use even for those who have no previous database or web development experience. As soon as the installation is complete, an administrator, using a popular browser such as Netscape or MS Explorer, can connect and see the administrator's menu screen of WebeBuilder. The administrator is now ready to build his own databases and related HTML forms effortlessly, effectively and quickly.

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General Features

  • Easy installation and management on the web
  • Straightforward database creation and Management
  • Web based email server
  • EIP (Enterprise Information Portal) and groupware function
  • Database and HTML files import, export and Duplication
  • A wide range of compatible platforms and database


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