Re: database-driven html pages

>>>>> "Luke" == Luke Gonze <luke@applix.com> writes:

    Luke> Do any of these database-driven approaches avoid the expense
    Luke> of reconnecting to the database for every request?  Since
    Luke> cgi programs are all new processes and the netscape server
    Luke> chooses from a pool of existing processes, how do vendors
    Luke> make this happen?  You _could_ customize the cern/W3 server,
    Luke> since the source code is available, but I have doubts that
    Luke> many commercial sites are using the w3 server.

The NaviSoft NaviServer maintains a pool of open connections to the
database that the C and Tcl API's can access.  It makes for extremely
fast database access. The catch is that you need a NaviServer database
driver for the database you want to connect to.  We have such drivers
for Illustra (http://www.illustra.com), ODBC on NT, and Postgres, and
have a beta quality Sybase driver for Unix. We're also glad to help
other people write drivers.  For more information, check out 
http://naviserver.navisoft.com or ask me directly.


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