QA WG Test Task Force Charter

First draft, January 14, 2003

Editor: Dimitris Dimitriadis

Mission Statement

The mission of the QA WG Test Task Force (TTF) is to ensure that guidelines in the QA Testing guidelines Document get followed by other Working Groups in the W3C.

Scope and Deliverables

The TTF scope is to:

In addition, the TTF should aim at producing, maintaining and further developing Test Frameworks, to ensure that test material produced in the W3C Working Groups can be used, where applicable, by others.

The TTF deliverables are:


Depending on whether the TTF is to be a separate body from the QA WG within the current QA activity, or if it is to coexist within the activity but as a separate group, either of two durations are relevant:

Success Criteria

The succes criteria are fairl simple: ensuring that Test Guidelines are enforced and aiding in seeing to that this takes place.


[@ed: tbd]

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

[@ed: tbd]

Dependencies/Relationship with other W3C Activities

It is fair to assume that the interrelationships with the QA WG are to be very strong. However, relationships with other Working Groups can be envisioned, especially those more technical/architectural in orientation.

Coordination with External Groups

As poroposed, the TTF should communicate directly with other W3C Working Groups, not through a regular Interest Group setup.

Communication Mechanisms


The TTF should have an archived mailing list [@ed: not sure if it should be public, though, as some discussions that will take place will be about member-confidential material, such as not yet released specifications]


The TTF should have a Web Page

Phone Meetings

If invited to participate in Working Group activities, a separate agenda should be set up. No regular telephone conferences are envisioned.

Face-to-Face meetings

As for the Phone meetings

Voting Mechanisms

If applicable, by consensus.


This is subject to discussion within the W3C as financing will be required (either to have W3C staff work on this, or by inviting external experts/resources)

How to join the WG