* monitor front door visitors
* watch over sleeping baby
* look in on kids playing
* check on backyard noises
* use as a webcam
* for security & fun - use your imagination!
XCam2 is a tiny, yet powerful wireless video camera
that you can put anywhere and transmit live
video to any TV in your home!
Add the VCR Commander Kit and you can easily record
the action while you're home or away!

XCam2 Benefits & Uses
  • Home & office security and monitoring
  • Supervise your children while they play outside or in another room
  • See who's at the front door without getting up
  • Create candid home videos of loved ones
  • Use up to 4 cameras to create a TV show
  • Monitor your home via the Internet while you're at work with XRay Vision
  • XCam2 Kit Includes
  • 1 2.4GHz Wireless Camera
  • 1 Camera Receiver with Coax and RCA Cable Output
  • 1 Addressable Power Supply for use with other X10 Components
  • 2 Mounting screws
  • XCam2 Product Features
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Technology
  • 100' Range
  • Easily connects to TV's, VCR's and Web TV Plus
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 30-Day Money
    Back Guarantee
  • FREE Shipping!
    30 Day Money
    Back Guarantee!
    12 Month Warranty!

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