Re: MathML


I think Neil is too pessimistic when he wrote:

> If your time frame in which you need a solution is less than six
> months, than (IMHO) MathML is *not* a good solution and I don't know
> what is.

You can do really nice MathML based quiz engines with WebEQ.  WebEQ
2.3 will be out by the end of next week, and one of the sample
applications we will be packaging with it will be a quiz engine.

It consists of a few CGI scripts to let students login, record
answers, step through questions -- the standard stuff.  However, it
also has a custom editor applet using WebEQ components to let student
enter short answer questions in math notation.  It save the answers as
MathML, and lets the instructor pull them up later.

As usual, with any Java application, speed is an issue.  It works by
far the best if the user permits a jar file to be cached on the
client, so it loads locally.  A reasonably beefy machine is nice too.


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