Re: Dictionary

Robert Miner's posting was what we had in mind when the operator dictionary
appendix was written:  all characters/character entities are converted to
unicode and looked up.  langle, LeftAngleBracket, and #12296 all refer to
the same character and should be treated identically in MathML in general, and
the operator dictionary specifically.

The reason the operator dictionary is missing some (many) possible
names is that the characters names were not finished by the time of
the final draft.  The MathML committee was working in conjuction with
outside committee on characters, fonts, and their names, and those
other committees had different time schedules than ours.

When the outside committees (in particular, STIX and Unicode) have
finalized names, unicode values, etc., it is my hope that we can come out
with an update to the spec that takes these into account.

	Neil Soiffer
	Wolfram Research

PS:  I second Robert's thanks to David for the posting of his entity