Simple post example

I've spent days looking for a simple POST example in lib-www.

As far as I can tell, I'm supposed to create a new Anchor and then post
that to another url with HTUploadAnchor(). Not only that, but I have to
make sure that with the source anchor, I have to setContentLength(),
setContentType() and a bunch of other parameters for the source files.
Then after I HTUploadAnchor, I need to register a callback to get the
data from the output stream of the request object. Is this all correct?
It seems like an exceedingly troublesome process. I just want to do
everything in memory without having to create another whole anchor and
without having to register a callback to handle the response.

Has someone put together something that is easy to read and reuse?  I
checked the mailing list archives, but nothing I saw had a clear
explanation of the recommeded process and the easiest way to go about