Re: www-lib and os/2

Ken Waln writes:
> inacio@micro.ti.com wrote:
> The good news: yes, I am using the library under OS/2.
> The bad news:  I'm still using version 2.17.
> It turns out I did enough tweaking and changing to use this for my own purpos
 es that I have not taken 
> the time to redo it with the newer libraries.  Very little of my work was rel
 ated to OS/2 problems.  
> The basic changes were to the tcp headers and some differences in the file sy
 stem calls (sockets and 
> files cannot be treated the same).  I basically changes all of the conditiona
 l stuff to traet OS/2 as a 
> flavor of BSD Unix -- the socket calls are basically the same.  I sent these 
 changes to Henrik a long 
> time ago, if you want me to forward them to you, let me know.

The OS/2 is positively not working after the port to automake. However, it 
should be fairly straight forward to "handmake" the information equivalent
to what automake would add. This is essentially what the sysdep.h file is
all about. On unix it includes the config.h file generated by configure and
on windows and mac, it sets the macro definitions manually.