Re: multiple requests

Sacha writes:

> How can I send off multiple requests to various hosts?
> Will these be handled 'intelligently'? I know next to nothing
> about how all the network stuff works, but I should think
> processing all the requests to one host in one go would be
> more efficient than reconnecting N times.
> Does the library do this for me or do I have to program it
> explicitly?

This is handled in such a way that it is completely transparent to the 
application. The application operates in "requests" which is creating a 
request object and passing it to libwww. A request may be to the same host 
or to multiple hosts - it doesn't matter. The net manager (HTNet.c) handles 
all connections including if the remote server is capable of using 
persistent connections.

Therefore, as an application you can safely issue new requests at any point 
in time. If the number of requests is bigger than the number of open sockets 
then the requests are queued up in the HTNet manager and started when a 
socket is available.

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, <frystyk@w3.org>
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