Re: Solution to file:// in lib

Jiang Tao writes:
> Now I have found the solution to the problem I mentioned
> yesterday.
> Problem is: I can not use file:// with lib to open local
> file on NT.
> Reason: As the lib is compiled with a set of DLLs, and
> on NT, the functions fopen(), fread() and fclose() for
> the same file must be in the same DLL (someone has mentioned it). 
> Now fopen() and fread() are in wwwcore.dll while fclose() is in
> wwwfile.dll. 
> solution: add a hack function for fclose() to wwwcore.

Good! Yes - that is a problem (or a bug) in DLLs. I am currently working on 
separating the transport layer from the protocol modules so that you can 
register the best way of communicating for example with your local file system 
instead of using the hard coded Unix file descriptors or ANSI file descriptors.

This also means that you for example easily can start experimenting with other 
transports like for example UDP.


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