Re: Using HTTee stream.

Giacomo Fiorentini writes:
> Hi,
>         I want to know how I can set up the right output stream for a
> request, that just save and parse one URL.
>         I want to use the HTTee stream to perform this tasks :
>         - the first stream must save the hardcoded URL to a file
>         - the second stream must parse (HTML) URL's content to perform other
> tasks, using HText interface.
>     stream                                  HTTee       stream 1
> ======>=========stream from network=====>=======*=========>========save locally
>                                                 |
>                                                 |       stream 2
>                                                 |=========>========HTML parsing

Maciej Puzio <puzio@zodiac1.mimuw.edu.pl> wrote a nice mail explaining how he 
has done exactly that. You can find it at



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