Re: 2 small bugs in HTEvntrg.c

Erik Selberg writes:
> j o staurnes writes:
> >> The first is that the select() timeout won't work under linux ---
> >> linux, being a more annoying flavor of UNIX, will zero-out the timeval
> >> passed to select. Yeah, I think it's dumb too. Anyway, the following
> >> #ifdef's in the patch fix it.
> > I disagree, Linux is one of the few OS' that select works as it
> > should. The timeval structure is modified according to the elapsed
> > time in the select call.
> Depending on your version of linux. 1.2.11 zeros the damn thing
> out. Perhaps a bug later fixed. Regardless of my opinion, it's still a
> bug in libwww that doesn't restore it.

The time structure should be re-initialized just as the bit arrays are - then 
the problem will go away regardless of the OS.


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