Re: FAQ example

CUTLER Charles writes:

> I'm trying to use the W3C library as part of my final year project in
> CompSci. I'm using a client/server model to get stuff off the web into
> a programming language we use here in St Andrews. The server end will
> receive a URL from the language through a socket, pass it to W3C and then 
> return the data at that URL to the programming language.
> What I need is a way of loading the data at a URL into memory, probably
> an array of integers... The method to do this is outlined in the
> library FAQ BUT I was just wondering if anyone has actually done it
> already as it would save me some time...

If you don't want to do any data processing on the data before they are 
actually downloaded, you can simply use the HTXParse stream which is 
essentially a memory buffer. You should be able to use a model very similar to 
the one shown in of if the library examples in


where you use the HTXParse stream instead of the file writer stream.

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