Re: Bug ?

>Until last week I was using libwww 4.C under win95/Borlandc 4.5 compile as 
>a real lib (not a DLL). Last week I try do switch to 4.D, so I download it, 
>and compile my project with it. All goes well except that sometimes the 
>inline images doesn't appear where with previous version there was no 
>problem !!!
I think I came across a similar problem on Windows NT. I believe it is
because of files not being handled in binary mode. On NT, this is very 
strict. Basically, if you try to read or write a binary file without the
file being opened in binary mode specifically by opening with "rb" argument,
you will most probably end up not reading or not writing the exact size.
I don't know whether this is the cause of failure in your case or not.
But, I faced this problem when I am using upload (POST/PUT) and I changed
fopen to open in "rb" mode in HTFile.c and that fixed it.

Hope this helps