Bug ?

Until last week I was using libwww 4.C under win95/Borlandc 4.5 compile as 
a real lib (not a DLL). Last week I try do switch to 4.D, so I download it, 
and compile my project with it. All goes well except that sometimes the 
inline images doesn't appear where with previous version there was no 
problem !!!
	+ I didn't use Cache file nor Memory cache
	+ I use the preemptive mode of lib
	+ I compile in ASYNC mode for windows

So did there something new in 4.D which is far diffrent from 4.C to get 
this sort of things ?

Another question : how to handle comment in HTML ? I didn't see anything in 
the lib for that so for now I have change the SGML.c code... Is there a 
better thing ?