Re: how can I do this?

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen wrote:
> If you already have a video display machine in place that does accept a
> stream of data then all you have to do is to write a Library stream
> wrapper that turns this module into a Library converter. That way the
> stream stack can find the converter based on the content type and you
> will start receive data automatically when a video is downloaded.

Well, I hope I can do it that way. I think I need to describe to you
what I am doing now. We are developing a multimedia authoring software
called AthenaMuse 2( we just call it AM2, and maybe you heard it before), 
and now what I am doing
is add full internet support to it. I want to use a general lib to do that
and just find that w3c lib is the only one freely avaiable. Now we want 
to provide a general READ function in AM2 which can read whatever (maybe
a html file from web server, or an item from database or something else).
So I want to use w3c lib provide the READ fuction to read data from network
( internet), and apparently I can't make other parts of AM2 become a module
of w3c lib. I want to use w3c lib to retrive data from network and dump it to
my own c++ stream and transfer it to other parts of AM2 to process.

Now I think the only solution is to declare my c++ stream as globe variable,
then use HTXPare module to dump the data from network into this globe
variable. However, there will still some problems if I want to just read
part of data from network and read others later. I think maybe I can
deal with it with two threads: one for w3c lib to retrive data; the other
to dump it to my c++ stream.

Any other solutions?

Tao Jiang     Visiting Scientist, CECI, MIT
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