Fwd: Proxy implementation in WWW4.0

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I was moving a proxy implemenation from 3.0 libraries  
to 4.0 and have the following questions.  
The handling of headers has changed from 3.0 to 4.0.  
I had noticed that. Previously I set a global  
variable HTProxyHeaders and made the request.  
Now the headers are set in the callback set by  
HTHeaders_addGenerator. I have a large character  
buffer that has all the headers in it. What  
call do I make to set the headers before making  
the request to the origin server.  
I have tried in the HTPostCallBack   
  anchor = HTRequest_anchor(request); 
  HTRequest_setEnHd(request, 0); 
  HTAnchor_addExtra(anchor, headers_ndwpbps); 
which does'nt seem to get the POST data right.  
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