how can I do this?


Suppose I want to retrive a huge vedio file from
web server and play it. I don't want to save it first
on hard disk and then play it. What I want to
do is set a  buffer, and when the buffer is full then
to begin to play it, while playing, buffer will read new
data from web server. 

I mean, I need to read part data from buffer and play it,
and buffer will discard the data read and retrieve new data
until buffer is full. It seems the HXParse module has
a bug which is you must dump whole data into memory in one

Doess w3c lib provide other methods for me to do that?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciatly. 
Tao Jiang     Visiting Scientist, CECI, MIT
email:   jiangt@ceci.mit.edu    URL:  http://ceci.mit.edu/staff/jiangt/