Re: Macintosh using CWGUSI changes and patches

Jeff Dripps writes:
> These were the changes I found necessary to the wwwlib 4.1 and w3 mini-server
> source, in order to compile & execute under 68K and PPC macintosh platform
> using Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE, and the CWGUSI 1.7.0 sockets library by
> Matthias Neeracher. In the process, I also found and fixed a bug in the GUSI
> socket library's, socket destructor method, that caused premature socket
> closures (i.e., broken pipe errors in browsers). I have passed this fix on to
> Matthias, but in the meantime if anyone wants the patch, please drop me a line.

Great - Thanks for the patches - I will incorporate them into the next r
release :-)

> do not have. If someone could supply me with this header, I would see what I
> could do about added WAIS support for macintosh in the future. sinc, -j

I am not even sure that WAIS exists for Macs...

Thanks again - good job!