Re: [Q] Example on "HOW TO ADD STREAMS"

acs@aracnet.com writes:
> Is there an example that shows how to add a new stream ?
> Or even a preliminary documentation on stream and the
> format manager. That part is unfortunately missing from
> the User Guide.

When you say "add" a new stream I suppose that you mean to register
a new converter that can convert from one media type to another -
or is it to add a stream in general?

In the former case you can find plenty of examples in any of the 
example apps, for example the command line tool which you can find


However, streams do not have to be converters and they do not have to be 
registered in the stream stack algorithm in order to be used. There
are many examples of streams that just are  - streams. That is - they
are streams but not converters. In that case you can just hook it in whereever
you like. Examples of this type of stream is the file writer stream
HTFWriter() which is a stream that writes to a ANSI file descriptor.