[Q] Viewing local HTML files

My Thanks to Thomas Valjak.

I am trying to display local HTML files in Win32
environment, with hypertext links in different color
and underlined font (similar to, say, Netscape).
Specifically I am considering using the CRichEditCtrl Class
or the CRichEditView Class found in VC/C++ v4.0's MFC.

Looking at the W3 documentation, I figure that I will need
to "register/add" a converter, which does the following:

   using the HTML input stream from local files, output
   a RichText stream.

But it was not easy to figure out how to "add a converter"
to the W3 library, and the documentation for "adding a
converter" seems to be missing:

   the file "/WWW/LIBRARY/USER/Using/Streams.html" seems to
   be the right place for an "EXAMPLE FOR HOW TO ADD A NEW
   CONVERTER", but unfortunately this section is yet to be

Could anyone show me, preferably with a code sample, "HOW
TO ADD A CONVERTER" to W3 library ?

Thanks, Adrian